Read this before sending me a message. If you don’t take the effort to read this, then don’t be surprised when I don’t take the effort to reply to your message.

My goal is not to be unapproachable or discourage you, it is simply to be more effective with my time.

Quick questions

If you have a quick question, ask through youtube comments and I will do my best to answer it.

I get lots of messages on various social media platform (instagram, facebook, linkedin, etc), it is difficult to manage it all and keep track of conversations. Plus, I often get asked the same question again and again. It is easier to answer it once on one platform. So please ask your questions on youtube via comments.

Help with Webots, ROS or Robotics Assignment, Project, Thesis, Competition, etc

Understanding the problem statement, thinking of a solution, comprehending your code, debugging the code, etc is a big task. It requires considerable amount of time and energy. It is not possible for me to do this for free.


My team offers 1:1 paid mentorship similar to a tutor on an hourly basis. We will guide you on how to solve the problem, help you debug your code, etc. to the best of our capabilities.

Send an email to: contact [at] gadasisters [dot] com and someone from my team will get back to you.

Make sure to include information about who you are along with your question(s), assignment problem, etc. If you are sending your webots projects, include all the folders and files (worlds, proto, controller, etc).

Note we will NOT do your project for you.


Discuss or ask for help on our facebook community. (Click here for link)

A community is only as strong as its members. Consider helping others in the community as well.

Questions about studying or working in Robotics

If you have questions about studying or working in the field of Robotics, you have 2 options:

  • Use the comment section on youtube to ask your questions.

    Answering 1:1 questions on multiple social media platforms (instagram, facebook, linkedin, etc) is overwhelming and sometimes not possible because of limited time. Ask your questions through youtube comments so multiple people can benefit from it.
  • Ask your question on our facebook community. (Click here for link)

    Either I or someone else from the community will answer your questions. This way it will help multiple people and you will also benefit from multiple viewpoints.

Help with your job search process

I was a student not so long ago and I understand the difficulties of navigating the job search process. Based on how much free time I have each week, I help out a few students. Fill out this form (click here).

I also conduct group sessions covering different topics and even invite guest speakers. You can find them on my youtube channel. Link (Click here)

Sending me a direct message

If none of the above applies to you and you want to send me a direct message, you can use the form below. Here is a helpful video on how to send a message: Link (Click here).

If you don’t take the effort to read the above, then don’t be surprised when I don’t take the effort to reply to your message.