During my time at University of Maryland, I have worked on several robotics projects in the areas of motion planning, computer vision, navigation and control, machine learning etc. Below are the highlights of my projects:

  1. Path Planning:
    I have worked on developing planning algorithms like A*, RRT and RRT* that are used to compute collision free paths for mobile robots and robotic manipulators…read more.
  2. Machine Learning:
    I have explored many machine learning approaches such as Q-learning, Neural Network, etc. I implemented Q-table and Neural network on a tic-tac-toe problem and inverted pendulum…read more.
  3. Computer Vision:
    Computer vision plays a vital role in robotics. I have worked on several computer vision algorithms that involves: Image stitching using SIFT features, Texture synthesis by non-parametric sampling, etc…read more.
  4. Navigation and Control:
    Autonomous robots need to create a rough approximation of the operating environment by taking input from the sensors. I have implemented several localization and mapping for mobile robots using Gazebo and ROS…read more.